¡¡¡¡As the first national forest park in China, with an area of 72,000mu (4,800 hectare), Zhangjiajie National Forest Park is famous for its distinct natural landscape composed of the quartz sandstone peak physiognomy and the ancient and wild scenes formed by the primitive secondary forest. Within its territory, the isolated peaks thrust themselves towards the sky like giants bamboo shoots, the streams and rivers wind in gullies and ravines like colorful ribbons, the Golden Whip Stream (Jinbianxi) stays tranquil, the Yellow Stone Stronghold (Huangshizhai) stands magnificently, the Sparrow Hawk Stronghold (Yaozizhai) erects steeply, the Pipa Stream appears comely, the Shandao Valley remains wild and the Yuanjiajie exhibits grotesque, all of which are amazingly impressive.
¡¡¡¡With a friendly climate, Zhangjiajie National Forest Park is an ideal summer resort and health resort. Zhangjiajie is reputed as the ¡°Green Treasure¡± and ¡°Kingdom of Power¡± for its forest cover rate amounting to 97%.

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The Yellow Stone Stronghold Scenic Area
Located in the northeast of Zhangjiajie National Forest Part, the Yellow Stone Stronghold is a giant square rock platform supported by lots of cliffs and mountain walls with an altitude of 1080 meters and a top area of 16.5 hectares. Its essential scenic spots amount to over 20 and include the Six Wonders Pavilion (Liuqi Pavillion), the Fir Forest Path, the Star Picking Stage, the Turning-back Lion, the Heavenly Book in Precious Box, the Magic Needle for Calming the Sea, the Golden Turtle in the Cloud Sea, the Greeting Arhat, the Remaining Piers of the Heavenly Bridge and the One Pillar in the South. The two-way trip across this scenic area stretches for 12 kilometers, which takes 4 to 6 hours by foot, merely 6 minutes (3 minutes for one-way trip) by cable car, while the round-stronghold trip takes 2 hours.
The Golden Whip Stream Scenic Area
Situated in the east of Zhangjiajie National Forest Park, it was named so for its flowing past the Golden Whip (Jinbian) Rock. The Golden Whip Stream Scenic Area lies in a winding and deep-going valley with an elevation of 600 meters and a length of 20 kilometers, of which 5.7 kilometers is stone-paved tourism path. Its main scenic spots total over 20 and include the Ajar Boudoir Gate (Guimenchukai), the Mother-and-Son Peak (Muzi Peak), the Golden Whip Rock (Jinbian Rock), the Drunk Arhat (Zui Luohan), the Journey¨Cto-the¨CWest (Xitianqujing), the Save Mother from Mountain (Pishanjiumu), the Great Writer Crag (Wenxing Crag), the Twin Turtles Exploring the Stream (shuangguitanxi), the Purple Grass Pool (Zicao Pool), the Reunion across a Thousand Miles (Qianlixianghui), the Reunited Tree (Chonghuan Tree), the Jump Fish Pool (Tiaoyu Pool) and the Water Winding around Four Gates (Shuiraosimen). It takes around 2 hours by foot to complete the trip.
Tianzishan Scenic Area
Sitting in the northwest of Wulingyuan Scenic and Historic Interest Area, with an area of 5,400 hectares and an elevation of 1262 meters, it now boasts four subordinate scenic areas, namely the Shijiayan Scenic Area, the Chapanta Scenic Area, the Laowuchang Scenic Area and the Yuanyangxi Scenic Area, which contain over 90 good scenic spots including the Grand Viewing Platform, the Heavenly Platform, the Fairy Bridge and the General Rock. The two-way trip across this scenic area stretches for 16 kilometers, which takes 5 to 7 hours by foot, merely 16 minutes (8 minutes for one-way trip) by the Tianzishan Cableway.
Yuanjiajie Scenic Area
Located in the northwest of the Zhangjiajie National Forest Park, with an average altitude of 1074 meters and an area of 1200 hectares, its main scenic spots are the Gathering of Heroes, the Rear Garden, the Mihun Stage, the Small Celestial Grotto (Xiaodongtian), the Duxian Bridge, the Mandarin Ducks Fall, the Twin Dragons Play with Water (Shuanglongxishui), the Twin Exploring Turtles (Shuangguitanyou), the Drunken Moon Stage (Zuiyuetai), the First Bridge in the World, the Fairy Palace on the Cliff, the Hanging Down White Chain, the Checkerboard Rock, the Small Penglai and so forth. It takes 3 minutes to reach the Yuanjiajie Scenic Area by the highest open-air observation lift in the world available there, and about 4 hours by foot.
Huanglongdong Scenic Area
Located in the east end of the Suoxiyu Nature Reserve subordinate to the Wulingyuan Scenic and Historic Interest Area, with an overall area of 48 hectares, a length of 15 kilometers and a vertical height of 140 meters, it was formally opened to the public in October 1984, and its landform falls under the category of typical Karst Caves with two layers of dry caves and another two layers of water caves. It boasts one reservoir, two rivers, three pools, four falls, thirteen cave halls and 98 corridors, now having developed 6 tourist areas including the Longwu Hall, the Xiangshui River, the Tianxian Fall, the Tianzhu Street, the Dragon Palace and the Maze, a complete tour around which takes 1.5~2 hours.
Baofeng Lake Scenic Area
Situated in the south of the Suoxiyu Nature Reserve subordinate to the Wulingyuan Scenic and Historic Interest Area, it sits halfway up a hill with an elevation of 458.5 meters, a relative height of 85 meters, a length of about 2 kilometers, an average depth of 72 meters, a maximum depth of 120 meters, an overall area of 274 hectares and a capacity of more than 8 million cubic meters and is composed of the Baofeng Lake and the Yingwo Stronghold. ¡°Like a mirror that seals emerald deeply inside, it¡¯s encircled by the Three Gorges in four directions. When a pleasure boat paddles into the shadow of the green hills, pair upon pair of mandarin ducks are started to wing away¡±, this poem provides a vivid portrayal of the Baofeng Lake.
Tujia Flavor Park
Located in Nanzhuangping, urban area of Zhangjiajie City, with a floor area of about 80 mu (1mu=666.7m2) and an overall investment of approximately 0.1 billion Yuan, it¡¯s mainly constituted by the Tujia Buildings Complex, the Local Flavor Singing and Dancing Performance Area, the Historic and Cultural Exhibition Area, the Residential Culture Reserve and the Catering and Accommodation Area. The park is dominated by the architectures whose structure falls under the category of wood & stone structure and whose features lie in the reasonable layout, innovative conception and unique design, and within the park there is a so-called ¡°Nine-heaven Building¡± that has a height of 48 meters, nine layers and 12 stories but rises magnificently without the help of one single iron nail, for which it was incorporated into the ¡°Guinness World Records¡±.
Tianmenshan Scenic Area
Standing 8 kilometers away from the urban area, boasting an elevation of 1518.6 meters, it enjoys the name of ¡°The first holy mountain of western Hu¡¯nan¡±. The Tianmen Cave located within this scenic area is the natural water-eroded cave with the highest elevation in the world, which is 1300 meters, and the height, width and depth of the cave are 131.5 meters, 57 meters and 60 meters respectively. Tianmen Mountain is equipped with the longest one-way circular observation passenger cableway in the world (7455 meters) and a highway worth the titlewonder of highway on the earth, and its mysterious atmosphere is thickened by the six unsolved old mysteries appearing here, which are the Opening of Tianmen Cave, the Picture of Guigu (an ancient religious master), the Turbulent Water of Tianmen, the Buried Treasure by Yefu (an ancient general), the Auspicious Unicorn and the Turning of Tianmen Cave¡±
Jiangya Hot Spring Holiday Village
Situated in the Jiangya Town of Cili County, it owns the high-level open-air hot spring pools and indoor hot spring pools of over 20 different sorts and integrates hot spring with catering, accommodation, conference holding, gym, entertainment, sauna and beauty salons. Its hot spring¡¯s outlet temperature constantly remains at 54¡æ, and various minerals and microelements contained therein have special curing effects upon diseases such as neurological ostealgia and rheumatism and boast the health-caring effects including relieving rigidity of muscles and activating energy flow, improving health and nourishing the body, moistening the skin and keeping youthfulness, soothing the nerves and arresting convulsion as well as delaying the process of aging.