Flash on reception: KMT Chairman Wu Poh-hsiung stayed at this hotel during his study and visit tour to Zhangjiajie City

From July 13 to July 15, KMT Chairman Wu Poh-hsiung and his entourages made a study and visit tour to Zhangjiajie City. With the companying of Vice Director of the Central Office of Taiwan Affairs Ye Kedong, Vice Secretary of the Hu¡¯nan Provincial Party Committee Mei Kebao, Assistant to the Governor Yuan Jianyao and other municipal leaders including Hu Bojun, Zhao Xiaoming, Fan Yuntian, Yu Huaimin, Huang Huiyong, Liu Shuhua and Hu Weiping, Mr. Wu Poh-hsiung visited and stayed at this hotel.   

Vice KMT Chairman Lin Feng-cheng, Vice KMT Chairman Chiang H. John, Chief Executive of KMT Central Policy Committee Lin Yi- Shih, Vice Secretary-General of KMT Chan Chi-Shean, Director of Culture and Communications Committee of KMT Li Jianrong and Director of the Administration Committee of KMT Lin Yongrui were among Mr. Wu Poh-hsiung¡¯s entourages.