As a joint venture co-funded by Hu’nan Tourism Bureau and Beijing Tourism Group, Hu’nan Pipa Stream Hotel is located within Zhangjiajie National Forest Park— a picturesque world natural heritage and is in the vicinity of the core scenic spots of Zhangjiajie such as Yellow Stone Stronghold (Huangshizhai), Golden Whip Stream (Jinbianxi) and Sparrow Hawk Stronghold (Yaozi Zhai), which enables the stay in the hotel to be like living in a natural oxygen bar.
  Besides its novel design, luxurious building, advanced equipment and complete facilities, the hotel covers a floor area of 45mu (30,000m2) and a building area of 15,000m2 and consists of four building complexes indicating the features of suspending buildings prevailing among Tujia Nationality in West Hu’nan. Now the hotel has 180 rooms/suites including the presidential suites, luxurious suites and luxurious standard rooms and a dining hall capable of...

Flash on reception: KMT Chairman Wu Poh-hsiung stayed at this hotel during his study and visit tour to Zhangjiajie City
News flash on reception: Vice Chairman of the Standing Committee of National People’s Congress Li Jianguo stayed at this hotel
News flash on reception: Former Vice Chairman of the Standing Committee of National People’s Congress Cheng Siwei stayed at this hotel
News on reception
Free access to the Wulingyuan District of Zhangjiajie during the last week of this month
国民党主席吴伯雄先生偕夫人下榻我馆 全国人大副委员长李建国下榻我馆 全国人大原副委员长成思危下榻我馆 国务院副总理回良玉下榻我馆 中央政治局常委、中纪委书记贺国强下榻我馆 湖南省委书记张春贤、省长周强与张家界市委书记胡伯俊、市长赵小明亲切交谈 莱索托首相帕卡利塔.莫西西利下榻我馆,为我馆题词留念 国际佛光会总会长星云大师下榻我馆 湖南省省长周强在副省长刘力伟(左二)、省委副秘书长袁新华(右一)的陪同下在我馆现场办公 日本滋贺县知事国松善次为我馆题词:“滋贺琵琶湖,湖南琵琶溪,世代友好” 国家体育总局局长袁伟民下榻我馆 国家外交部副部长戴秉国下榻我馆,并签名留念 国家外交部长李肇星下榻我馆 原中纪委副书记曹庆泽下榻我馆 全国政协副主席、全国民委主任司马义.艾买提下榻我馆 原国家主席华国锋下榻我馆 中共中央政治局常委、全国人大常委会委员长李鹏下榻我馆 中共中央政治局常委、国务院总理朱镕基下榻我馆 中共中央政治局常委、全国人大常委会委员长吴邦国下榻我馆 中共中央政治局常委、全国政协主席贾庆林下榻我馆 中央政治局常委、全国政协主席李瑞环下榻我馆 中共中央政治局常委李长春在省长周伯华的陪同下下榻我馆 中共中央政治局常委罗干下榻我馆 前中共中央政治局常委、全国人大常委会委员长乔石下榻我馆 国务院副总理李岚清下榻我馆 中共中央政治局委员姜春云下榻我馆 中央政治局常委尉健行下榻我馆 国务委员陈至立下榻我馆 国民党荣誉主席连战携夫人连方瑀下榻琵琶溪宾馆
   As the first national forest park in China, with an area of 72,000mu (4,800 hectare), Zhangjiajie National Forest Park is famous for its distinct ...   
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